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spacerWelcome to Culver Farm Daylily homepage. We grow our daylily seedlings along with many named cultivars at our 135 acre farm located near Waterford, Ontario, Canada. Some of the goals we have at Culver Farm are hybridizing daylilies that are hardy, vigorous and healthy plants for our northern climate. We try to pick out of our hybridizing program daylily flowers that have good clear colour. All the daylilies are grown in field conditions without the aid of any artificial benefits to enhance daylily growth. The freeze thaw cycles we receive during most of our winters weed out the weak and unsuitable daylilies for our climate. Daylilies that will flourish under ordinary garden conditions are a major goal for me.

Bryan Culver
Photo courtesy of Nick White

AHS Awards received to date
Spirit Zone Spirit Fox Lady Bandit Giggle Creek Jade Princess Sun Panda Barbara White Victoria Park
HM 2010
HM 2011
HM 2011
HM 2011
HM 2008
& Don C. Stevens Award 2015
HM 2013
HM 2014

spacerI offer for your appraisal in this homepage some of the named and selected seedlings from this hybridizing program. As you can see above, our growing fields are open, with no protection from the harsh elements that the farm's zone 5 climatic area receives. If your area receives sufficient snow cover over winter, and that snow cover stays all winter, you mulch heavily, or your garden has its own microclimate, I would think that any of our selections would grow well. We do note on the description pages if we think hardiness might be a problem. However, the vast majority of our introductions are rock-hardy dormants and they should grow successfully in most areas. Shipping will begin when the weather warms up in the late April into the May period of 2018, and continues until the end of August. Sales are for a double fan unless otherwise noted in the description page of each daylily offered. All cheques for purchases are to be made out to Bryan Culver. If for some reason any purchased daylily does not survive the winter after being purchased from us, then Culver Farm will either replace or substitute with another daylily in the same price range. No shipment of daylilies will be made without payment in advance. Orders are for Canadian shipments only and are payable in Canadian funds.


spacer We are pleased to offer Culver Farm daylilies through Melanie Mason of North Country Daylilies in New York state. Melanie will be pleased to accept orders on all of Culver Farm's introductions for the year 2018. Payment will be in American funds, payable to North Country Daylilies. To order any of Culver Farm introductions please contact Melanie directly by email at .

Culver Farm daylily orders placed with Melanie will be sent directly to her in one combined shipment early in the year. Melanie will then distribute to the appropriate purchasers. We hope with this method of shipping that the daylilies ordered will arrive in better shape not having been held up at the border crossing and customs.

Melanie is one of the finest people I know and an avid promoter of healthy growing, vigorous, hardy daylilies for the north and her own hybridizing program is one of the finest in North America.

spacerIf you have any comments or questions on any of the pictured daylilies please feel free to contact me by either mail, phone or email. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Your comments on any of the pictured daylilies will be greatly appreciated. Again, thanks for visiting, it is very much appreciated.

spacerTo learn more about daylilies contact: Ontario Daylily Society , Daylilies On Ice or the American Hemerocallis Society.

spacerVisitors to the Farm are welcome by appointment only. Please call ahead to arrange times to visit. Map and directions to the farm are below.


spacer Located in southwestern Ontario, 15 km north of Lake Erie in Norfolk County around 4 km due south of the town of Waterford and approximately 8 km north of the town of Simcoe on what is called the Blue Line Road. We are number 1881 Blue Line Road.

spacer If you are coming from the Hamilton or Toronto areas or points north, London area and West you take hwy 403 towards the city of Brantford to the exit marked to the town of Simcoe. This exit is called the Rest Acres Road to Paris or Simcoe. You turn south on Rest Acres Road and it flows right into hwy 24 to Simcoe. From 403 you go approximately 31 km to the side road named Concession 11 of Townsend which is on your left hand side going East. This sign will be past the signs to the town of Waterford. Turning left off hwy #24 at Concession 11 of Townsend you now go over to the 2nd stop sign and turn right. This right hand turn puts you on the Blue Line Road. The farm starts at this stop sign. After turning right unto the Blue Line Road you go to the 1st place on the right (#1881). There is a large sign on one of the barns saying Culver Farm.

spacer From points south of Waterford you follow hwy #3 until it meets hwy #24 at Simcoe. There are stop lights at this intersection in the town of Simcoe. You turn north on hwy #24 until you come to the crossroad Concession 11 of Townsend. Turn right on this road and go over to the 2nd stop sign which is the Blue Line Road. Turn right and the 1st place on the right is the farm. The number is 1881 Blue Line Road.

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