Diamond Executive
TET - 34" - MLa - 5 1/2"
spacer Diamond dusted cream-pink blend with vivid green throat and ruffled gold edge. Ext.; Sev.; 3-4 way branching; bud count 25-30; (VICTORIA PARK X DEBBIE'S VOWS) The first of many intros out of our potent parent VICTORIA PARK. From the first day it bloomed in the seedling patch, DIAMOND EXECUTIVE has been one that caught your attention with its vivid, bright green throat and heavy gold edge. A daylily that grows robustly and vigorously, bouncing back from division easily. It displays wide, long well-spaced branching and has one of the highest bud counts of any of our daylilies. The bud count can go over 35 on this daylily. Easily fertile both ways and one of our most potent parents in our hybridizing program, producing some outstanding offspring. The clump photo below displays scapes taken this year after it was divided into single fans last fall, which shows how fast it bounces back from the dividing process.
Price: $25.00 (DF)
Diamond Executive

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