Dragon Master
TET-32"- M - 4.5"
spacer A ruffled yellow-gold with a clear bright cardinal red eye and edge. Ext.; Dor.; 3 way branching; bud count 20; Reg. 2014 (((CARDINAL EXPLOSION X ((ELECTRIC CIRCUS x (FOOLED ME X STRAWBERRY LACE))). Right from the start one of the goals of our hybridizing program was to produce a bold coloured eyed and edged flower that stands out in the garden. DRAGON MASTER is THAT DAYLILY. If you want bold, in-your-face colour, this is the plant for you. Combine that with great plant habit and you have one of our finest introductions to date. It also has been a great parent producing some outstanding future introductions. I cannot say enough about this fine introduction, just one of the best. Easily recognizable in the garden with its bold, bright, contrasting colours it draws you in from the other side of the garden. A daylily I am proud to have produced. Easily fertile both ways.
Price: $50.00 (DF)
Dragon Master clump

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