Lady Talk
TET - 32" - MLa -6"
spacerA very clear lilac-mauve blend with a large white-pink watermark above a bright green throat. Sev.; 3 way branching; bud count 20; Reg. 2013 (JULIAN COHEN X CATCH THE WIND). LADY TALK was selected for introduction because of its pristine colour and great plant habit. From two of the best of Curt Hanson's finest introductions comes this 2013 intro. I was drawn to the colour of this daylily from the first day I observed it flowering and it has not disappointed me over the subsequent years we have grown it. LADY TALK has been a star performer over that time. We have used it extensively in our hybridizing program and it has proven itself to be an excellent parent producing some outstanding seedlings with impressive clear colour. Fertile both ways.
Price: $35.00 (DF)
Lady Talk clump

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