Sun Panda
TET - 35 - MLa - 5"
spacerA ruffled yellow-gold with a black-wine eye and edge above a green throat. Ext.; Sev.; 3 way branching; bud count 20+; Reg. 2009 (DRAGON SO X LORD TRICKSTER) This much admired intro is a full sibling to CARDINAL EXPLOSION and EXPLOSIVE FORCE. If you like bold, bright, clear colour then this intro has that. You will most certainly notice this one in the garden, it has presence. The final introduction out of three full sibs and the one with the most contrast in colour. Combining two of our finest parents SUN PANDA exemplifies the genetic potential they have had as parents. This is one of the daylilies that visitors to the farm have been drawn to. It makes a bold statement in the garden with its bold clear colours. It's as if it were saying "look at me". Along with a bold coloured flower SUN PANDA has the same good plant habit that you expect coming from both its parents. Fertile both ways.
Price: $35.00 (DF)
Sun Panda clump

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