Victoria Park
TET -28" -M La - 5 1/2"
spacerPink self with a green throat. Fr.; ext.; dor.; 3-4 way branching, bud count 25+. Reg 2002. VICTORIA PARK is a full sib to JADE PRINCESS. It is a pink self with a very green throat, although the green throat is nowhere near the size that JADE PRINCESS has. The ruffled petal edges are trimmed with a bit of gold. VICTORIA PARK multiples into clump form very fast. A very floriferous daylily that each day covers itself with a multitude of flowers and blooms over an extended period of time. A major parent in my hybridizing program and the parent to many outstanding select seedlings and future introductions. Tied for 5th in the 2009 Ontario Daylily Society top 10 popularity poll. A daylily I highly recommend as one of our finest introductions. Very fertile both ways.
Price: $25.00 (DF)
Victoria Park
Third summer clump from its original double fan!

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